Adeline Chaubet

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Road walked on:

Adeline Chaubet received her BTS from the high school “La Découverte”, Decazeville (12), in 2009. From 2009 to 2011,  she worked as laboratory technician in a private company (Syngenta Seeds) in the North of Toulouse.
Then, from 2012 to 2017, she worked in 2 DNA/RNA sequencing facilities: Genoscope, Évry (Paris region), and GeT-PlaGe, (Genome et Transcriptome, Plateforme Génomique) at INRA Auzeville (Toulouse region).
Since 2018, Adeline Chaubet is an Engineer at the Renal Fibrosis Lab, INSERM U1048.

Main domains of expertise:

Molecular biology (DNA and RNA extractions and libraries preparations), Next Generation Sequencing (Illumina), primary analysis of sequences.
Selected Publications:

Etat des lieux de l’antibiorésistance en élevage cunicole français et application du concept d’exclusion compétitive pour limiter la transmission d’un microbiote maternal antibiorésistant.
Achard, C., Dupouy, V., Siviglia, S., Arpaillange, N., Gabinaud, B., Combes, S., Ramayo Caldas, Y., Denis, C., Ballester , M., Boucher, S., Dile, B., Chatellier, S., Le Normand, B., Chaubet, A., Esquerre, D., Ghozlane, A., Ruppe, E., Bousquet-Mélou, A., Estelle , J., Zemb, O. (2015).
In: 16èmes Journées de la Recherche Cunicole (p. 197-201). Cuniculture Magazine. Presented at 16. Journées de la Recherche Cunicole, Le Mans, FRA (2015-11-24 – 2015-11-25). Paris, FRA : ITAVI – Institut Technique de l’Aviculture

A Genomic Map of Climate Adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana at a Micro-Geographic Scale.
Frachon L, Bartoli C, Carrère S, Bouchez O, Chaubet A, Gautier M, Roby D, Roux F (2018 Jul ) New Phytologist.