Main collaborative projects

sysvasc_with reflection

SysVASC is a bench to bedside project with a systems biology approach to identify molecular targets for vascular disease treatment. In sysVASC the RF-lab is involved in animal models of vascular disease and in setting up and exploiting the sysVASC knowledge base.


imode_with reflectioniMODE-CKD
iMODE-CKD integrates multi-disciplinary expertise in proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, pathology, and clinical science from leading academic and industrial investigators, establishing a unique training platform on biomarker research and Systems Biology. The RF-lab is focusing on urinary miRNAs as markers of progression of chronic kidney disease.


biomargin_with reflectionBiomargin
Combining all the skills required to build upon previous findings, BIOMARGIN will offer opportunities in renal transplantation by integrating several omics approaches (mRNA, miRNA, peptides, proteins, lipids and metabolites) in blood, graft tissue and urine, in a well thought out, multistage discovery-to-validation translational programme, following the highest European ethics and regulatory requirements, as well as quality controls and quality assessments at all clinical and analytical steps. We will concentrate in BIOMARGIN on urinary miRNAs as biomarkers of graft rejection.


eurenomics_with reflectionEURenOmics
In EURenOmics we will utilize a wide array of high-throughput technologies to find new genes causing or predisposing to kidney diseases, characterize molecular signatures unique to individual disease entities, identify prognostic biomarkers, and screen for potential drug candidates. We are involved in WP6, CAKUT, leading the clinical study and aim the discovery and validation of urinary markers.