Kidney –omics database

The information gathered from the large number of –omics experiments in renal biology is under explored, as it is scattered over many publications or held in supplementary data. To address this, we have developed in the context of the FP7 project e-LICO an open-source Kidney and Urinary Pathways Knowledge Base (KUPKB) that facilitates simple exploration of these –omics data. The KUPKB currently comprises 220 datasets (miRNA, mRNA, proteins, metabolites) extracted from existing publications or databases (will be updated in July 2012 to ~400 –omics datasets) not available elsewhere. Researchers can explore the integrated data using the iKUP web interface, and a simple template is provided to submit new –omics datasets to the knowledge base.

Recently, in April 2012, we have launched the KUPKB visualizer which allows to visually, in a very convenient manner, explore the contents of the KUPKB.

The KUPKB is accessible at this address: