The RF-lab website overtime

logo2005To the best of our memory the first website of the RF-lab aired somewhere in 2005. The website was hosted at a private provider (Free) using the account of one of the RF-labs PIs. The first logo and website were designed by Johan Duchene (PhD student at that time, currently at the University of Munich). The fact that the site was hosted at Free implied the use of the “free” domain name (see the URL in the logo). The first logo was fancy at that era and you can see that the basic structure did not change a lot over time: a cartoon of a kidney and the letters RF (uppercase) lab (lowercase).

In 2010, we moved to a new design based on the WordPress template maintained by Romain Dissard (PhD at that time and now at the University of Geneva). At that time we also redesigned the logo to a more flashy appearance. Aurélien Despierris designed this new logo.



A small change to this logo was introduced in 2011 since we moved from a website hosted at Free to our own domain name:





After Romain left in 2013, the website was maintained and frequently updated by Sebastien Saulnier-Blache until early 2015 when we decided to completely overhaul the RF-lab website. Aurélien helped us how to handle the new WordPress templates, designed the lay-out and yet another logo which is heading the current RF-lab website.

“Live long and prosper”, RF-lab web-site.