Educational course: The path to end stage renal disease and beyond

Toulouse, Friday 22nd September 2017

Organised in collaboration with ERA-EDTA and ESAO

 “Prevention of vascular and kidney disease now, to save lives and costs in the future.”

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Chronic renal disease (CKD) is a frequent disease in western countries. The reduced glomerular filtration rate in the advanced stages of CKD leads to plasma accumulation of toxic retention solutes including proteins. It has been hypothesized that these changes may, at least in part, be responsible for CKD-associated morbidity and mortality.

Recent reports indicate that a large proportion of renal, cardiovascular and/or cerebrovascular diseases are based on a common background, namely vascular lesions including endothelial cell damage. Disease progression is enhanced by age, since lesions accumulate during life time and a reduced ability of repair. It is also enhanced by conditions like diabetes mellitus and the metabolic syndrome. As a consequence many renal, cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular diseases can be considered as systemic disorders affecting the (micro)vasculature.

It is currently impossible to cure these diseases at advanced stages. As a consequence, it is imperative to find ways to detect and treat this disease complex in early stages to ensure a higher quality of life for elderly Europeans.

Thereofore, it is urgent to define biomarkers for different stages of renal and vascular disease, for disease progression and for the evaluation of therapeutic achievements. In addition, we are identifying compounds contained in the blood, which are consequently in direct contact with the vascular system and may influence disease progression.

EUTox is composed of renowned clinicians from large clinical centres, leading clinical and basic scientists, highly innovative biotech companies and major medical and pharmaceutical companies. This unique and powerful team puts EUTox in an unsurpassed position to relay results from research to clinical use within very short time frames.

In this context, experts from EUTox will present their latest and most innovative research on renal and vascular disease in Toulouse, Friday 22th September.

See below for general information, registration, and the programm of this educational course.

General information

Date: Friday, September 22ndh 2017

Time: 14h00 – 18h00

Venue: Hotel Mercure Toulouse Saint-Georges, Rue Saint-Jérôme, 31000 Toulouse, France

Local organizer: Joost Schanstra

General organizer: Àngel Argilés



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13:30            Registrations

13:45            Opening Ceremony


14:00-14:30  Modern biomarkers of CKD. Harald Mischak (Hannover, Germany).

14:30-15:00  The transition of CKD to ESRD. Goce Spasovski (Skopje, Macedonia).

15:00-15:30 After ESRD: Modern tools in transplantation. Nicolas  Doumerc (Toulouse, France)

15:30-16:00  After ESRD: Update on immunosuppression. Nassim Kamar (Toulouse, France).


16:00-16:30      Coffee Break


16:30-17:00  After ESRD : dialysis past – present – future. Philippe Brunet (Marseille, France)

17:00-17:30  Role of HNF1B in AKI and CKD. Stanislas Faguer (Toulouse France).

17:30-18:00  The transition from AKI to CKD. Alberto Ortiz (Madrid Spain).


18:00            Closing remarks / Distribution of CME Certificates