RF lab at the science fair in Toulouse, September 29, 2017

The RF lab participated at the science fair in Toulouse called “la nuit des chercheurs” = “the night of the researchers”.

We aimed to entertain the younger public. Finally we had ~130 children visiting our stand!! …and we are very proud of that!!

They learned where their kidneys were, how much blood is filtered every day, how the kidney separates the useful from the useless, looked at kidneys under a microscope and checked whether a urine sample came from a person with kidney disease.





Check out the movie: [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOc2YaG-PAw[/embedyt]


In French the children were attracted by the following text

Docteur Pipi et les haricots magiques

A Rein vaillant, rien d’impossible ! Viens découvrir les reins, ces véritables usines à pipi ! une armée de 2 millions de tuyaux, les néphrons, infatigables travailleurs qui sans relâche éliminent les déchets de ton corps. Nettoyer, astiquer, balayer, le corps toujours pimpant ! Filtrer chaque jour plus de 300 L de sang, trier des milliers de substances … un tel boulot pour deux haricots magiques, possible ou impossible ?


See you next year ? ….or in summer 2018 at the ESOF2018…??