Mathieu’s first publication “Renal tubular fluid shear stress promotes endothelial cell activation” has been accepted in BBRC! Congratulations, and it’s just the beginning.

Julie and Joost came back from the second year review e-LICO meeting in Zurich with a surprising musical discovery… Click on the picture to see it in action!

Jean-Loup Bascands and Joost Schanstra visited a Pharma in Basel to discuss collaboration. No toilets in the plane !! We even had to fly the plane (Joost to the left).

Doc Innov is a competition organized by the Doctoral School of the University of Toulouse. Doc Innov is intended to reward the creativity and the innovation of the projects of theses of the PhD students. Mathieu obtained the first place.

RF Lab is based in Rangueil University Hospital, Toulouse. We are part of the French National Institut of Health (INSERM). If you cannot come to see us you will find on this site all the information on our activity.   For any further information feel free to contact us!  

The Academy of Science, Registrations and  Letters awarded to Julie the Lucien Babonneau prize for “Diffusion of the scientific knowledge”.