During the last FHU-impact (https://www.chu-toulouse.fr/-federation-hospitalo-universitaire-impact-) meeting held on December 2, 2022,  Stanislas Faguer is presenting the latest work from Alexis Piedrafita on the identification and large scale validation of urinary peptides. We believe that such urinary signatures will help in the future to personalise medicine in the development of acute kidney injury. This work is now also published in the high impact journal Critical Care: https://ccforum.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13054-022-04193-9

We are happy to announce that we coordinate 1 (Stanislas) and participe in 2 (Julie and Joost) personalized medicine grants from the recent Permed call in the field of kidney disease! Check out the ERAPermed website here. Soon (January 2023) the project abstracts will be available on the ERAPermed website.

We were lucky, again, with the weather this year for our yearly grill-party. A looooooong table…. Cheers !   Also a long queue of cars parked on the side-walk!       

Friday 11, 2022 was the day that Lucile defended her thesis in front of the CREATED  and the RF-lab. In front of a distinguished jury composed of Prof Isabelle Castan (Toulouse), Dr Benoit Pourcet (Lille), Prof Jean-Mac Chillon (Amiens) and Dr Olivier Meilhac (la Reunion, remote), Lucile give an excellent presentation. This was followed by a lively outstanding discussion with the members of the Jury. Lucile was the first “shared” PhD student between the CREATED  and the RF-lab at the I2MC. After the defense there was a cozy apéritif with snacks, drinks and presents for Lucile. Congrats Lucile !!!!

In between Delta and Omnicron we were able to have our yearly Xmas party (not really “yearly” since Covid spoiled the year 2020 version!!) . The first part, of this December 15, 2021 evening, was a sort of escape game mixed with “Fort Boyard” (no photos allowed, but here is the link if you want to https://prisonisland-toulouse.fr/). The “Yong Yong” team won….because they were younger ??? The evening continued with an excellent meal at “Chez Tonton Chanh”. Here we also exchanged the Xmas presents with a maximum value of 5 euros. Merry Xmas !!!        

On October 18, 2021 Alexis defended his PhD Thesis. The thesis defense was brilliant in-front of a prestigious hybrid Jury composed of Profs Emelie Cornec-Le Gall, Christian Combe and Laurent Mesnard. Congrats Alexis. Enjoy your next 6 months in the Foix hospital !

Ana defended her thesis in front of an international jury logging in at a distance due to the Corona situation. However this did not scare Ana. She did a brilliant job in presenting and defending the thesis. After the defense there was the traditional cocktail and the opening of the presents by Dr Ana. …and in the evening the thesis party in downtown Toulouse. After checking of the “corona pass” finally the masks were dropped leading to a cosy celebration evening.   Congrats Ana !!  

We are very happy to announce that the research of Julie Bellière in the RF-lab will be supported by the French Society of Nephrology and Transplantation (SFNDT). She obtained the  SFNDT research grant 2021 for her studies on acute kidney injury. Congratulations Julie !! The ceremony will be on October 7, 2021 in the conference center “Pierre Baudis” in Toulouse during the yearly -in person (!!) and virtual- SFNDT meeting (www.congres.sfndt.org). Here the photo from the ceremony. Congrats again Julie!!