Sans titrePr. Harald Mischak, Mosaiques Diagnostics GmbH
We have been mining urine for biomarkers of kidney disease for over a decade now and together with Harald Mischak and his group we have been looking at urinary peptides since 2003. Hence they have become faith- and fruitful collaborators of the RF-lab with over 40 common publications.


Dr. Antonia Vlahou, Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens
We have been collaborating with Antonia Vlahou mostly focusing on urinary proteins, but more recently in the context of the FP7 project Sysvasc, we also started to study the vascular tissue proteome. The collaboration with Dr Vlahou and her team has been very fruitful as exemplified by the 19 co-authored papers since 2007.


UniOfManchesterLogo.svgPr. Robert Stevens, University of Manchester
Databases are a getting more and more important in research and together with the team of Robert Stevens from the School of Computer Science of the University of Manchester, in the context of the FP7 project e-LICO, we have setup the largest knowledge base of omics data in kidney disease, the KUPKB and developed Proteasix, a tool for the prediction of proteases involved in the generation of urinary peptides. This collaboration since 2010 has led to 7 co-authored papers.